Five Interior Updates for spring


Alas! Spring has sprung! This weekend we had our first days of glorious sun in the North East; it was 20+ degrees! Which for Newcastle is like the tropics! I always like to give my room a little re-jig in spring to add that fresh feel back into it...
I’ve recently (as always) been buying some new homeware which I feel has helped spruce up the look of my room! I thought I'd share my new pieces with you and a few top tips for spring!

Outdoors In

As I was writing this I was reminded of that quote from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ by Miranda 'florals for spring; ground breaking’ and yet I still find myself writing this. Flowers in your home at spring; just has to happen. All year round I like to have plants or flowers in my room but I feel even more so in spring. Even if it’s just some false flowers, anything to brighten up the room does the trick. I don't know if it’s just me but flowers instantly lighten my mood. I'm a huge fan of cacti (as you probably already know by now), I like to display three on my windowsill then I usually have some fresh flowers on my dressing table, some of my favourite flowers for spring are gypsophila or if you want to stay traditional daffodils are great for brightening a dull room.

A signature accessory colour 

When I'm trying to spruce up my room if I'm feeling tired of it I find a cheap and easy way to do that is change the colour of my accessories. At the moment as you can see my bedroom is mainly monochrome, I’ve gone through so many accessory colour changes but at the moment all of my accessories seem to be rose gold, I think this works really well with the monochrome theme. Changing accessories within a basic room is such an easy and effective way of updating without having to do much; kinda cheating! I picked up some beauts in H&M Home recently which you can watch in my haul here.

Fresh Fragrances

In my case this is new candles, I have been a room spray kinda gal in the past but I always need a god old candle on the go. I like to buy candles along with the changing seasons, in spring I like to go for clean fresh fragrant candles. My most recent purchase was a ‘Pine Forest’ scented candle from again H&M Home, this candle is super fresh and I LOVE the marble print on it. Did I mention that's another thing I can’t get enough of lately? Oh marble.

Fresh Bedding 

I have a few variations of bedding I switch between throughout the month, all of them white, I pick my favourite set and put that on. There is nothing better than getting into sheets that have been blowing on the line all day and with this amazing weather why not take advantage and get those sheets blowin'.

Books and mags

Stack your coffee/dressing table or book shelf full of colourful books and magazines; create a book display in fitting with your interior theme. I like to use monochrome books along with contrasting coloured books for that extra pop. It’s also nice to display your most inspiring books for that little bit of daily inspo.

I was thinking of doing a fashion version of this too, let me know if you would like to see my spring updates wardrobe edition!


  1. Oh how I love the Devil Wears Prada quote! I love that film and it's definitely one of the best quotes! Some lovely tips here, I'm in the process of changing up my room a little and updating it for spring so this was definitely a welcome post, that copper tray is just divine!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  2. Thanks Heather! glad you enjoyed xo

  3. Love this! The empty candle holder works so well as a cotton bud holder

    Charlotte / styleaked