2016 Adventure Recap


As we approach the new year I wanted to put together a post on some of my favourite travel moments from 2016. I've seen loads of posts on Instagram of people's 'Best 9' so this is kind of like that but in blog post form. It's nice to look back and reflect on travels over the year. We've done a lot of traveling this year, it always makes me feel proud to tick some more places off our bucket list...


We traveled to London this year for Secret Cinema, (If you don't know what Secret Cinema is find out here).We had wanted to do it for years and finally there was one we could make, we both love film and one of our favorite genres is horror, especially zombies! So when we seen there were tickets to see '28 Days Later' we booked up straight away. Basically it was dress up, role play and sets combined along with a rave and a hospital set up at the end where you watch the film. Definitely one of the best things I've done in relation to film. 


I love visiting Almeria in particular as it's to visit my auntie, I'm really close to her and it just so happens she lives in such a beautiful place. This was my third visit this year. It's really stripped back and set in the mountains so ideal for relaxing. Looking forward to more visits there in 2017. See my previous posts on Almeria here.


We visited Prague in May of this year; we booked to go to Prague on a whim as we wanted tickets to see Hans Zimmer and the only place tickets weren't sold out was Prague, everyone had said it was lovely so we thought why not kill two birds with one stone and go. We loved it, it's a place I would love to revisit, I did a massive post on it here. Seeing Hans was definitely the highlight; when he played this song I cried. See full post here.


My grandma and grandad used to visit Italy regularly and always said how beautiful it was; they definitely weren't wrong, Venice was one of the most romantic cities I've ever visited. See full post here.


On our Italy trip we also visited Florence after Venice, it was only a short flight away; lots of gelato and pasta was consumed. Much like Venice, very beautiful.  See full post here.

Murano & Burano 

Whilst in Italy we visited Murano & Burano; two islands just off venice; Burano was definitely the most colorful place I've visited to date, most of the people that live there are fishermen. It felt like going back in time. See full post here. 


This year we went away with our friends Steph and David, it was lovely to have a couples holiday. We had such a laugh, drank way too much and had some of the best times to date. Definitely need another holiday with them in 2017. See full Post here.


In November just gone you may have seen that Luke and I visited Iceland, we'd always wanted to go and seeing as it was our ten year anniversary and Luke's birthday it seemed appropriate to go somewhere special. I took some of my favourite photographs to date and managed to tick seeing and photographing the Northern Lights off my bucket list. See full post here.


Just before Christmas we took a little trip up to Edinburgh, mainly to visit the Christmas markets and do some last minute christmas shopping. Way too many mince pies and cocktails consumed. See post here

I'm looking forward to traveling more next year as we already have some plans in the pipeline! I think traveling is so important and as they say it's 'the only thing you buy that makes you richer'. As cheesy as it sounds I really do feel every year the places we visit shape me as a person. 

In the new year I also want to make it my mission to take at least one photograph per day. My camera has built in WiFi so there's no excuse, it makes it so easy to send to my phone or laptop anytime. I also purchased a new hard drive and plan on creating a 365 daily album to look back on next year. Reflecting back on each year past I always wish I'd documented more, this blog definitely allows me to do that but I would like a place to capture the more personal moments too. 

Let me know your best moments of 2016 in the comments...

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  1. You two are always traveling!! So jealous.. I'd love to visit Italy next year! xx

    1. We do try! You definitely should :-) xx

  2. Your photography is stunning Emma, your travel posts are always my favorite x

    1. Thanks Cassie, much appreciated :-) x

  3. Your Iceland post made me want to go so bad!! Thats definitely on my list for 2017 x

    1. Highly recommended.. You wont be disappointed xx

  4. My best moment was definitely visiting California this year, plan on doing more traveling next year too.Venice looked beautiful x

    1. Amazing! Loved Cali! Would love to go back sometime x