A Prime investment


Today after braving the metro centre Luke and I took a trip up to Morpeth for a wander round with the dogs; it was a cold & blustery day but I was eager to get out as I've just bought myself a new lens; the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art Lens, Ive wanted to invest in this for a good two years now and can finally say I have it! My favourite lenses to use are primes, hence the title.. see what I did there?! They're what I mainly use when it comes to my everyday camera (if you're not sure what prime lens means it just means fixed focal length lenses where you can't zoom in or out) - I do have a few zoom lenses but find myself always reverting back to the primes as they give the nice low aperture blurred backgrounds that I love and nothing I shoot (unless traveling) really requires a zoom lens. I opted for the 24mm Sigma as my everyday camera is crop sensor so this lens really shows around 35mm, which is my preferred focal length for most of my photography. Since I bought this lens I've rarely had to go over 500 ISO even at night, it lets in a ton of light! All the photos seem to have no grain, they're really smooth and sharp. I think it will be perfect for my blog photography as I usually shoot indoors where it's low light. It also has infinity focus so I'm looking forward to trying out more night sky photography. Very impressed so far, I think it will be a lens I'll get a lot of use out of.

I'm looking forward to shooting with it properly when I go away on Friday but for now here's some test shots I took...

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  1. Love the Bokeh!! Lovely pictures Emma x

  2. love the grey hair on you Em ������ x

  3. I love Sigma Lenses, they're so sharp! Looking forward to seeing more of your photography with it x

    1. It is so sharp! definitely noticed a difference from my Canon Lenses, love it! x